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GCSE Further Mathematics

Page history last edited by Steven Cooper 1 year ago


GCSE Further Mathematics



Matrices Lessons

Matrices Introduction

Transformations and Matrices

Transformations The Unit Square


Matrices Workbooks

Matrices introduction

Transformations and Matrices

Transformations The unit square 

Calculus Lessons

Calculus Introduction to rule.pptx

 Stationary Points.

Tangents & Normal's to curves 

Calculus Workbooks 

Calculus Introduction.pdf 

Stationary points.

Tangents & Normals to curves

Algebra Lessons


Solving Simultaneous Equations.pptx


eff of x 

the graph of y=f(x).

 Quadratics including fractions


Algebra Workbooks


Solving Simultaneous equations


eff of ex introduction

 The Graph of y=f(x)

Quadratics & Fractions


Geometry  Lessons

Basic Geometry

Completing the square

 Circle Centre (a, b) radius

Geometry Workbooks

Basic Geometry

Completing the square 

circles centre (a,b) 

Trigonometry Lessons

Right Angled Trigonometry part1.

Right Angled Trigonometry part2.

FM The sine rule.pptx

FM The cosine rule.pptx

The General Triangle.

Trig Graphs & The CAST diagram

Trig Identities


Trigonometry Lessons

Right angled trigonometry part1.

Right angled trigonometry part2.

The sine rule.pdf

The cosine rule.pdf

Trigonometry for General Triangle.

The CAST diagram and use of

Trig Identities 


Additional Questions

Christmas Paper.docx

Further Mathematics Questions.docx 

Further Mathematics Questions2.docx  

Further Maths Practice paper Non calc.docx

Further Maths Practice paper calc.docx

Surds Extras.pptx   Surds extras.docx

Tables 1 to 8 FM.pptx



Comments (1)

Steven Cooper said

at 11:00 am on May 2, 2014

In the Trigonometry lessons. The Sine rule and Cosine rule booklets are two lessons if using the Further Mathematics material in year 10.
Otherwise for year 11 revision the General triangle is one lesson which includes both rules.

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