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Additional Mathematics

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Additional Mathematics Content



Geometry Revision.ppt

Basic Geometry  :Worksheet



Equation of a circle

Geometry circles.ppt

Equation of a circle   :Worksheet


Differentiation by first principles

Calculus introduction.pptx


Differentiation by rule



Tangents & Normals

Calculus tangents & Normal.ppt


Indefinite Integral

Calculus Integration.pptx


Definite Integral

The definite integral.pptx


Area Under a curve

Area entrapped between 2 curves

Area Entrapped between two curves.pptx


Simultaneous Equations additions.pptx

Simultaneous equations




  Linear Programming

Completing_the_square am.ppt

Completing the square

  Factorising quadratics & Fractions

Remainder & Factor Theorem



Expansion of (a+b) am.ppt

The Binomial Expansion :Worksheet


The Binomial Distribution

The Binomial Distribution.pptx

Trigonometry Right angled trigonometry

The general triangle

The General Triangle.ppt

The Cosine Rule.ppt


CAST diagram

The CAST Diagram.ppt


Trig identities

Trig Identities.pptx


suvat formulae



Free fall due to gravity

Acceleration due to freefall.ppt


velocity time graphs

Properties of a velocity time graph.ppt  


Variable Acceleration

Variable acceleration.ppt


Solving trig equations.pdf           Additional Mathematics Practice Paper 1.pdf

Calculus worksheet.pdf               Additional Mathematics Practice Paper 2.pdf

Geometry Exercise.pdf

Kinematics Revision.pdf             

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