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Year7 Handling data

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Handling Data Teaching notes

1.  Outcomes of random events. Placement on a probability scale.


2.  Quantification of probability.

3.  Probability through symmetry.

Probability of a single event.pptx

4.  Probability through experimental evidence.

Probability through given evidence.pptx

5. Subjective probability.
6.  P(A) = n/N for equally likely events.

7.  Probability from simple sample spaces via symmetry.

Probability of two events.pptx

8.  Construct & interpret conversion graphs. 

9.  Illustrating qualatitive data by: Pie chart, pictogram, line or bar chart & time series graph.

Collecting, Ordering & Grouping data.pptx

Bar Charts.pptx         Pictograms.pptx

Pie charts.pptx

10. Stem & leaf diagrams

Stem & Leaf diagrams.pptx

11. Ilustrating discrete data by:Vertical line chart & histogram.

Vertical line graphs.pptx           Histograms.pptx

12. Mean & range of ungrouped data.

Calculating the mean.pptx

13. Design & use an obsrevation sheet to collect & analyse results.


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