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Year7 Number

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Number Teaching Notes

1.  Positive integers: reading; writing and ordering; place value.

Place Value.pptx

2.  Odd & Even numbers. Four rules of number. Divisibility rules. Multiplication & division by powers & multiples of 10.
addition.pptx    Subtraction.pptx    Multiplication.pptx  Division.pptx 

Long multiplication through the ages: Long Multiplication.pptx

3.  Factors, multiples & prime numbers.

Multiplication Tables.pptx

Prime Numbers.pptx

4.  Index notation. Squares and square roots in context.

Indices Multiplication.ppt  Index Notation Numerical.pptx

[E.g. Side of a square given area.]
5.  Common units of measurement. (Metric & imperial).

6.  Conversion. (Metric to metric)

Metric Units length.pptx

7.  Conversion. (Metric to Imperial)
8.  Reading instruments & scales.
9.  Map scales & scale drawings.

10. Fractions: equivalence of; fractions of a given quantity; mixed numbers.

Equivalent fractions.pptx              Expressing as a fraction.pptx

ks2 Fractions of a quantity.pptx    ks2 Fraction of a quantity2.pptx

11. Decimals: meaning of place value; order; fraction equivalent, +, -, x, ÷, by integer, x & ÷ by powers of 10.

Decimal places.pptx            Decimals Addition.pptx

Decimals Subtraction.pptx   Decimals Multiplication.pptx

Decimals Division.pptx

12. Rounding off. (approximation)

Decimal places.pptx  Significant figures.pptx

13. Percentages: Express as a %, % of a given quantity.

Expressing fractions as percentages.pptx

Finding the percentage of a quantity.pptx

14. Negative numbers in context. 

Directed Number.pptx


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