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Further Pure

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Further Pure Notes

Further Pure Module 1


Proof by induction

The sigma notation.pdf

The difference Method



Differentiation by first principles formula

Logarithmic Differentiation


Complex Numbers

Complex Numbers introduction.pdf

Multiplication of complex numbers.pdf

Modulus & Argument of a complex number.pdf

The Modulus argument form.pdf

Multiplication of two complex numbers.pdf

Loci in the Argand diagram.pdf

Further Locus Problems.pdf

Transformations involving complex numbers.pdf



Matrices introduction.pdf

The meaning of A to the power of n.pdf

3x 3 Matrices and their inverses.pdf

Transformations by matrices introduction.pdf

Transformations & Invariancy.pdf

Transformations not about the origin.pdf

Solving simultaneous equations by matrices.pdf

Reduction to Echelon Form.pdf



Further Pure 2
Geometry 1 Parabola
  2 Parabola
  3 Ellipse
  4 Ellipse
  5 Hyperbola
  6 Hyperbola
Trigonometry 1 Factorisation
  2 t - formula
  3 general solution
Calculus   General
    partial fract
    c3/c4 general
Algebra 1 Partial fractions
  2 Rational functions
  3 Odd/Even functions
  4 Increase/decrease
  5 continuity
  6 Curve sketching


Further Pure3
1 Hyperbolic Functions
2 Calculus for Hyperbolic Functions
3 Integration add on
4 Arc length
5 Surface Area of rev
6 Parametrics for 3/4
7 Reduction formula
8 Power series
9 Taylor's series
10 Infinite series
11 Newton Raphson
12 Polar coordinates
13 Polar curve tracing
































Loughborough: Mechanics revision


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