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Teaching Notes

Mechanics 1 Mechanics 2
1 Kinematics

uniformly accelerated motion

M1-01 - Introduction to Kinematics.pdf

1 Projectiles Horizontal projection

Velocity Time graphs

M1-02 - Velocity-Time Graphs.pdf

    Angle above the horizontal

Acceleration due to freefall

M1-03 - Freefall under Gravity.pdf

    Angle below the horizontal
2 Newtons Laws

Newtons 1st & 2nd Law

M1-04 - Laws of Newtonian Motion.pdf  

2 Variable Acceleration given x or v  in terms of t

Newtons 3rd law

M1-05 - Laws of Motion under Gravity.pdf

    given acceleration in terms of t


M1-09 - Equilibrium.pdf

3 Work/Power/Energy Work


M1-11 - Pulleys and Motion.pdf

    Kinetic & potential energy


M1-12 - Friction.pdf

    Work related to KE & PE
3 Collisions

Impulse & momentum

M1-20 - Impulse and Momentum.pdf

    Energy equations

Inelastic collisions

M1-21 - Conservation of Momentum.pdf

    Energy equations

Newtons Experimental law

M1-22 - Newton's Experimental Law.pdf

4 Particle statics


M1-06 - Resultant Forces.pdf



M1-07 - Resolving Forces.pdf

4 Elasticity Hookes Law


M1-10 - Resolving Forces with Motion.pdf

    Elastic strings/springs
    Lesson4     Elastic energy
    Friction 5 Vector Mechanics representation using i, j, k
5 Rigid Body Statics

moments about a point

M1-14 - Moments.pdf


Equilibrium under parallel forces

M1-15 - Uniform Beams.pdf

    displacement & velocity

Centre of gravity

M1-16 - Centre of Gravity.pdf

    constant velocity

Centre of gravity in a plane

M1-17 - Centre of Gravity of Uniform Laminae.pdf

6 Circular motion Horizontal circle

Centre of gravity for composite bodies

M1-18 - Centre of Mass of Complex Laminae.pdf

    banked problems

Free Suspension

M1-19 - Suspension of Laminae.pdf

    Vertical circle




Revision Guides for Mechanics


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